Have you ever wondered about how to attack the various systems of the body? Many times, Martial Artists attack a single level of the body depending upon their specialties or field of expertise. I find it interesting that few attack multiple systems in parallel. If they did, their success would go up exponentially!

Consider how prevalent the idea is by looking at how segmented the skills are for firearms enthusiasts, combatives proponents, survivalists, medics, etc. All study their trade for self protection but rarely cross-train in other areas to become a more complete package. Few crossover into other disciplines sadly. Many guys will carry extra gun magazines but not a med kit; others will train with guns but learn no hand-to-hand skills. Hopefully you see my point.

Same happens with a lot of Martial Artists. Many polarize their training to different arts or ranges of combat such as grappling, striking, etc. One thing MMA did particularly well is show the need to be skilled in all ranges and methods.

So, how does this apply to the Kyusho arts? Notice that you have those who polarize between techniques being either based upon Western or Eastern science. It is as if they believe there is only one explanation for how things work. The reality is that it is not an “…either…or…” but rather that “…it is both!” Both points of view are neither inclusive or exclusive but they are in parallel.

The body can be attacked upon multiple levels at a time. It can be attacked neurologically and energetically and both can be attacked – at the same time! But, that is not the only systems that can be attacked. There are a lot more. Consider the below systems:

  1. Neurological
  2. Energetic / Meridians / Pressure Points
  3. Skeletal / Bones
  4. Muscular
  5. Sinews / Tendons / Ligaments
  6. Vascular / Circulatory
  7. Respiratory
  8. Limbic
  9. Myofascial
  10. Psychological
  11. Organs / Bowels

When you perform techniques, how do you attack the various systems? Do different attacks focus on different systems? Have I missed any systems? Let us know in the comments.

Want to learn more about this? Join us in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina from May 4 to May 6, 2018 for the DSI Spring Convention where I will go through examples and teach this concept which will greatly expand your art!

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