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About us

Learn Martial Science from the world’s leading expert and become a Master of the Martial Arts.

Rick Moneymaker, founder of Dragon Society International, is the world’s foremost authority on applying science to the Martial Arts.

A true Master to the Masters, he has an uncontainable passion for training others of all skills levels in Martial Science.

Through online courses, DVDs, seminars and personal training he has elevated the skills of thousands of Martial Artists and Self Defense enthusiasts throughout the world.

Rick Moneymaker and the DSI instructors will show you how to elevate your skills to all new levels.  You will increase the power of your strikes 10x or more!  We will show you PRECISELY where to strike to DEVASTATE your opponent immediately!

Learn the secrets behind many of the experts of the Martial Arts and go directly to THE SOURCE of their information!

Check out a sample of what we teach.  This is an advanced explanation of a knockout often performed in the Martial Arts.  We teach from both East and West perspectives.

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The DSI makes all techniques hurt 10 times more!

Rondy McKee

White Tiger TKD

The DSI is where I go to learn new techniques!

Russell Stutely

There is nothing out there better than DSI science, It makes sense and it is proven!

Dennis Lane

World Full Contact Champion

With ‘MARTIAL SCIENCE’ the Dragon Society International is simultaneously moving martial arts forward and returning it to its TRUE roots.  Regardless of your art...

Willie Lim


Meet our Team

Tom Muncy


Rick Moneymaker


Joe Aldridge


Mike Patrick