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Guy Waddell

I was like that myself. No matter what I learned, a much bigger person, especially a fighter, could whip my behind like a red headed step child. There had to be more. In America it was still the biggest wins. While size is definitely a factor, there had to be something to help a smaller person have a chance for survival and possibly the win. In the animal kingdom, the honey badger was a symbol that big doesn’t always guarantee you win.

Now I was faced with what do I do since my training time is limited by my life choices and responsibilities. I was introduced to such secrets by a martial artist that introduced me to pressure points, but there were still some areas where they didn’t seem to be that effective. I then found about the martial science as presented by the Dragon Society International. I met martial artist with real life experiences applying this science, some knowingly and some unknowingly.

With the materials provided from their years of study and testing, the martial arts are starting to produce the results I always felt it should and there’s no end to the depths an artist can go.  Now the thrill and newness has returned. Even an older out of shape person such as myself now have workable options that will work in protecting me and my loved ones.

I thank the Dragon Society International for reigniting my love for the arts and for providing the circumstances where I can learn and share with some of the most reputable martial artist ever.
Guy Waddell
I’m working on that levitation thing too. 😂

Phua Mingweii

Dear GM Rick Moneymaker, GM Tom Muncy & GM Mike Patrick,
Thanks to you guys!
I came across DSI about a month ago, and WOW!  I really appreciate your work! I wish I found you guys 20years ago!  Have just signed up as an Ultimate Member!
DSI’s material is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for.  The INFORMATION provided… is incredible! Functional, efficient SCIENCE stuff that WORKS.  It’s the best I’ve come across in literally, two decades.
I served a stint in the military and currently serve in the police reserves in Singapore.  Originally trained self-defence with my instructor who was military/street base.  Have since been unable to jive with mainstream martial arts, and have been training with a loose bunch/solo for many years.
After reading this, by GM Michael Patrick (I just bought all your books!), and going through DSI’s website, DSI feels like “home’.
After walking a solo path for so long, I never thought there’d be any place in the martial arts that would feel like “home” for me.
Am super excited about DSI material and am going to buy and ship quite a few DVDs back to Singapore.
Thank you very much again for making this incredible information available.  It is literally the best I’ve come across, EVER.
Warmest Regards, Many Thanks & God Bless

Grandmaster Tim Hartman

May was the first time I taught at the DSI Convention. I had a great time! Not only do I enjoy teaching, I still enjoy training and this event offers plenty of that. I was able to participate in a varity of classes taught by some world class instructors. In addition to all of the martial classes, there are plenty other activities for the family to enjoy. I highly recommend this event and am looking forward to the next convention!

Datu Tim Hartman
Grand Master Presas Arnis

World Full Contact Champion Dennis Lane

There is nothing out there better than DSI science, It makes sense and it is proven!

Hanshi Larry Isaac

The DSI techniques are amazing, mind blowing and impressive.

First and foremost I wish to Thank You (Mr. Moneymaker), Mr. Muncy and the Dragon Society International Family for allowing my students and I the opportunity to attend/participate at the recent DSI’s Convention in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. There are many words to describe our experience; Magnificent, Impressive, Mind-blowing, Majestic, Wondrous, Amazing and on and on, but the best word to use is “FAMILY.”

In my almost Fifty years in the martial arts, having obtained black belt in 1968, it was like “Family” seeing so many different martial art teachers, instructors and students coming together in one spot to learn and evolve in their respective styles and arts. The classrooms were great however speaking for my group, we found additional learning outside the classroom through endless conversations and demonstrations with the instructors awe-inspiring.

My students did, at times, seemed to be a little overwhelming with a bombardment of questions (my fault, you want to know ask) but the instructors amazed even the on lookers with their answers and interest in the questions asked.

I have attended many camps, seminars (too numerous to count) training with a variety of instructors, Grandmasters, and masters form all forms of the martial arts community, but the DSI convention is one that EVERYONE, regardless of style or art should attend at least once.

It is my hopes and desire that the Dragon Society International will allow me and my students the opportunity to continue to support and attend the DSI functions and in the future permit Larry Isaac’s Martial Arts Center to become an affiliate school of the Dragon Society International.

With the Spirit of Martial Arts

Grandmaster Rondy McKee

The DSI makes all techniques hurt 10 times more!

Master Russell Stutely

The DSI is where I go to learn new techniques!

Guro Doug Pierre

This years Spring 2016 DSI Convention was incredible.  All styles in brotherhood with one purpose, martial excellence through its true science. Thank you GM Muncy and GM Moneymaker, October’s convention will be even bigger and better.

Grandmaster James Lim

It a was very rejuvenating and refreshing to participate in your martial arts convention. Everyone was humble and worked together sharing their varied skills and techniques.

The soft pressure points technique was an amazing eye opener even for a Grand Master 9 Degree Black Belt, like myself, training over 50 years.

The combining of the many different techniques brings Torite-Jutsu at the forefront of mixed martial arts with a depth and technique that I have not seen before or experienced in person before.

I look forward and with anticipation to the next seminar.

This is a depth of training I have not experienced in my 50 years in the martial arts.

Grandmaster Willie Lim

With ‘MARTIAL SCIENCE’ the Dragon Society International is simultaneously moving martial arts forward and returning it to its TRUE toots.  Regardless of your art, you will benefit from the knowledge that DSI openly and eagerly shares at their conference.  I learn something new every time and recommend it to any serious martial artists regardless of style.

Professor Rick Moneymaker

This is the next generation of Dragon Society International…the next level coming…Master Patrick has done an excellent job incorporating the Torite (Pressure Point) sciences into his understanding of all Martial Arts systems and provides excellent instruction to students of all styles and ranks. From my extensive travels I have found that less than 2% of the Black Belts in the world can instruct at his level.

Master Michael Patrick lays to rest any questions as to why pressure points work. His extensive research and analysis will certainly convince even the most adamant naysayers in the martial arts world. His work shows beyond a shadow of doubt that the techniques of old were based upon a proven science and that they were duplicatable if one takes the time to research and expends the effort to practice this ancient art.

Herb Borkland

Permit me to bow in and introduce myself.

I began studying chi as the first “closed-door” student of Robert W. Smith, author of the first book in English about tai chi chuan. Bob had become the first white student of China’s last undefeatable “soft boxer,” Professor Chen Man Ching. Along with studying Bob and the Professor’s texts, I also took up a focused breathing and chi-circulation medical regimen based on the teachings of Dr Yang Jwing-Ming.

Over the years, these martial and medical uses provided ample evidence as to the truth of chi theory, but, for all my sincerity, my explorations were subjective and based only on personal experiences as a martial artist. So, when Dragon Society International Grandmaster Rick Moneymaker revealed to me the existence of martial science based on acupuncture, I was amazed.

How could everyday Western fighting men possibly organize, interrelate and quantify these mythic Eastern energies? Not to mention successfully applying their discoveries to Torite Jutsu, a system whose seemingly effortless attacks border on sheer magic.

Today Dragon Society International proudly offers us this global triumph, a fighting science so advanced it even baffles Western medicine, which freely admits it cannot explain Torite Jutsu’s undeniable successes. Grandmasters Tom Muncy, Rick Moneymaker, Michael Patrick and their certified DSI instructors ought to be celebrated among America’s all-time greatest amateur scientists – scientists who are also this planet’s first new martial heroes since Funakoshi.

Herb Borkland

Grandmaster Ron Van Browning

For the Dragon Society International & everyone with their eyes open to learning: Grandmaster Rick Moneymaker & Grandmaster Tom Muncy has and are opening the doors and eyes for all Martial Artists through their leadership, teaching and the science of the Dragon Society International (DSI). Everything we do is based upon the facts of science. You can change an art but the science cannot be changed and it remains true & pure.

GM Moneymaker & GM Muncy provide a connection for all of the Martial Artist through the DSI and their conventions. To not attend the DSI conventions would be passing on a vast opportunity of learning and knowledge at hand. After 54 years of training, teaching and experience I am now finding not how much I know or how much skill I have, but how much I don’t know. And that is how I learn.

DSI Camp: ‘It’s not about what you know, its how much you don’t know. The science is the key to all the arts. After 54 years in Martial Arts I have so much more to learn’

The Martial Science of the DSI is the key to all Martial Arts.

Ron Van Browning