Do you feel you’ve reached a glass ceiling with your training?  Do you want to enhance your training to include all aspects of the arts?  Do you have pieces missing from your training and you don’t know where to start?
For over 20 years Dragon Society International has taught seminars all over the world. We have gotten our hands on literally thousands of people in an attempt to enhance their martial arts and to ‘fill in’ any and all missing pieces of their art.

DSI seminars bring fundamental, in-depth and ‘nuts and bolts’ principles of martial science pressure point training.
Easy enough right?  So why do so many martial artists hesitate?

The problem arises with the preconceived challenges the individual puts on the process.

Students will tell us, “I have never seen results like that from the techniques my instructor has taught me?”.
But here is their concern:

  • They are afraid of making waves in their dojo.
  • They are nervous about switching styles.
  • They do not want to start from the ground floor in their training.

…and the list goes on.

First, you do not need to switch styles.  You can stay with the style you are in now. It does not matter what style you are currently practicing. We have helped out practitioners from every style, rank, country, back-ground, politics you can think of.

Sometimes a practitioner will ask us ,”Why hasn’t my instructor shown me these techniques before?”.  If we do not know your instructor personally we cannot answer that question in an honest fashion. Maybe he or she did not have the same knowledge or exposure that there is now.  Training even 5-10 years ago is different than today with access to Youtube, social media and the to the overwhelming knowledge on blogs and forums.

Instructors years ago had to go to great lengths to learn (travel, missing time with family, finding instructors, etc) and spending a fortune in collecting resources of books, tapes, and charts.

Presently it is even easier to access martial science knowledge and train with Dragon Society International.
You can decide to jump in with both feet and change everything you are currently doing. We have many members who have left their current school and come aboard.

Just for the record, when these situations have occurred the individual was already looking for another organization to switch to. They were either dissatisfied with either their current instructor, current style, current organization , or a combination.

The official position of DSI is we do not force or encourage, people to leave their current training circumstances. In plain language we do not fish in other instructors ponds. We do not need to.

Consequently if an individual comes to us and asks us to direct their training we will do everything in our power to help that individual if we feel they are genuine and honest in their reasoning for switching.

We will not get caught up in petty politics. It is all about the learning and sharing.

We have many Black Belts, for whatever reason, found themselves without an instructor to follow. Some may only teach a few people in their basement while some had large commercial schools with hundreds of students relying on them for information and rank.

I speak from first hand experience on this. Many years ago my wife and I were with a different organization. It got to the point where we had to make a decision as to which direction we wanted our training to go as well as the training of our students.

We already had developed a relationship with Dragon Society International and Grandmasters Muncy and Moneymaker. We decided to switch and go with Dragon Society. When I called Grandmaster Moneymaker and informed him we wanted to join DSI and leave our current organization his response was, “Welcome and don’t worry about a thing. We are going to take care of you.”

We haven’t looked back since. It was by far one of the best decisions we made for our training.
Many instructors simply want to add our science to the style they are currently teaching. We have worked with many organizations on helping them to add our principles to their curriculum with great results.
We have rank and certification for those just starting in the martial arts and want to earn their black belt all the way through to becoming a DSI Certified instructor.

We  have an ever growing list of DVD’s, books, charts, and reference materials to learn from all which are available on our website

Along with GM’s Moneymaker and Muncy, our team of Martial Science experts, are available for seminars all over the country.

Cole Ricks – Weapons/Knife/DSI Principles

Michael Patrick – Weapons/Combat/BAR/ DSI Principles

Frank Annese – Weapons/Stick/Ground/ DSI Principles

Wayne Adams – Sparring/Locks-Takedowns/Kata/ DSI Principles

Michelle Annese – Locks-Takedowns/Kata/Children Curriculum/ DSI Principles

David Hansford – Parasympathetic-Sympathetic Systems/Kata/ DSI Principles

Our instructors are available for weekends or evenings.  You can have them in for a Saturday clinic or come into one of your regularly scheduled classes during the week.  We are now setting dates for our 2013/14 calendar.

How? Simple.  Contact us, come to a seminar,  or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

We can help you easily ‘custom fit’ DSI principles and “Players to the Game” to your current training.

What if it only took this one class or seminar to make all the difference in giving you that ‘edge’ in your training this year?  Don’t wait. Contact us today.

DSI is standing by.

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