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Master David Hansford

Master David Hansford

David Hansford is a 7th Degree in Shuri-Ryu, training in a lineage that goes back to the traditional Okinawan Shurite that incorporates both soft and hard, internal and external aspects of a complete system as it developed from the Southern Chinese systems and the original Okinawan Te.  My Sensei made it his mission to understand the Chinese science and the combative methods behind the Okinawan Shurite and he shared that accumulated knowledge with me.  My mission has been to understand and apply the Western science to the trained traditional martial arts.  The result these studies of both Traditional Chinese Medicine science and the Western science as applied to Okinawan martial arts are two books, both of which are available on the Dragon Society Store.

The P.A.T.H. Approach to Effective Self Defense takes as its thesis that in a genuine self-defense situation where life and limb is on the line, the most appropriate defensive response is to counter with an attack to the heart of the aggressor affecting  an autonomic response which culminates in a vasovagal faint, but with the possibility of a more severe result.  P.A.T.H. is an acronym for Parasympathetic Attacks to the Heart.

The P.A.T.H. Approach to Effective Self Defense, Part 2, Kiko is a discussion of the unique Okinawan approach to qigong that is inseparably integrated into Okinawan Karate training for both ki development and control and for conditioning of body, mind and spirit.  This book focuses on the importance of traditional training and the Western science understanding of the neuroscience and myofascial web as it relates to energy development, storage and delivery.

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