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Master Dave Scott

Master Dave Scott

Dave has been training for over 25 years since 1988, starting out with Tang Soo Do and Hapkido in high school, to Tae Kwon Do, Arnis and Jujitsu in college, and eventually to Okinawan Kempo with Torite Jutsu, and also JKD and Krav Maga.

Having moved around (and starting over at a new school/academy, sometimes in a new art) roughly every 4 years, I was never in one place long enough to earn Black Belt in a given system/school. It wasn’t until I settled down in Hamilton NJ and trained consistently ever since with GMs Stinger, Muncy, Moneymaker, Morales and the rest of the DSI crew.

So whenever anyone asks me how long it took me to get a Black Belt, I always reply “almost 20 years” which is the truth! Students often get a kick out of that story, and I make sure I tell them that a Black Belt is a White Belt that never quit, as I’m living proof.

Notable Instructors, Training Partners from 1987-2001 : Grandmaster Mark Kline – Kali-Arnis and Jujitsu; Professors Wally Jay and Leon Jay – Small Circle Jujitsu; Grandmaster George Dillman – Ryukyu Kempo and Kyusho Jitsu; Grandmaster Jiho Choi – Tae Kwon Do; Grandmaster Y.B. Choi – Tae Kwon Do

Notable Instructors, Training Partners and Seminars 2002 – Present: Grandmasters Rick Moneymaker and Tom Muncy – Co-founders of Torite Jutsu; Sifu Bob Jones – J.K.D. Art of the Blade, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu; Dean Lister – Brazilian Jujitsu; Grandmaster Chris Stinger, Sensei Earl Simkunas, Master Tony Adreanidis – Hamilton Martial Arts; Manny Sosa – Krav Maga; Grandmaster Doug Pierre – Kali Arnis; Master Buddy Morrison – Firearms; Grandmaster Ron Van Browning – MMA and Self Defense; DSI Masters & GrandMasters Rusty McMains, Michael Patrick, Wayne Adams, Bill Adams, Alex Ormaza, Gary O’Neil, Ken Miksch, Jon Riley, David Hansford, Mike Ciraco, Ian Waite, Luis Morales, Frank & Michelle Aneese, Scott Mercer, Joe Aldridge, Sharon Barna, Tobe Hewitt, Phil Peplinski

Ranks & Certifications:

  • 4th Dan Okinawan Kenpo
  • 4th Dan Torite Jutsu
  • Certified Instructor DSI