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Master Bill Adams

Master Bill Adams

I started my Martial Arts Training in Greeneville, Tennessee approximately 33 years ago in the Isshin-Ryu style, which is an Okinawan style, at the early age of 38 years old and still training at the age of 72.

I was promoted to 1st. degree black belt in 1989 by Erwin Mathes.
In 1992 I started my own school called Greeneville Isshin-ryu Academy and became a member of the IIKA International Isshin- ryu Karate Association. The school eventually closed like so many do for different reasons.

Around 1995 I had the good fortune to meet and continue my training with Master Mike Patrick who had a school in the same town.

In 1998 while training with Master Patrick I heard about Grand Master Rick Moneymaker, who was going to have a seminar on pressure points. Now that sounded very interesting. The seminar was being held in Powell Tennessee outside of Knoxville at Master Allen Wheeler’s Isshin-Ryu Dojo. That’s where I met Master Wheeler and became a lifetime member in the OKU.

When I saw Master Moneymaker use the pressure points and drop people to the floor with very little effort blew me away.

Master Moneymaker revealed to us the secrets of martial arts that had not been taught to the average practitioner. I became a white belt again.

My Sensei, Master Patrick, became very knowledgeable in the science of pressure points and how good that was for me to be able to train with someone like him with that knowledge. A Master and Certified Instructor in The Dragon Society in the dojo!

Years of training under the guidance and patience of Master Patrick paid off. I could not have done it without you my Friend and Sensei.

Thank You Sensei Master Mike Patrick.

On October 15 2012 I was promoted to 4th Degree Black Belt and Assistant Instructor in the Dragon Society by Grand Master Rick Moneymaker and Grand Master Tom Muncy.

I am proud to belong to such an elite group of instructors and the Dragon Society International Organization who are on the cutting edge in the Martial Arts World.

Thank you Grand Masters Rick Moneymaker and Tom Muncy

Dragon Society International
Lifetime member Okinawa Karate Union

1992 Master Harold Long
1993 Bill ”Superfoot” Wallace
1998 Terry Hill World Champion Muay Thai kick boxer
1998 Master Dennis Brown Shaolin WuShu Tai Chi Chuan
1998 I started attending Dragon Society Seminars and continue to do so
2004 Martial Arts Discovery with Master Mike Patrick, Master Frank Annese, Alex Ormaza and Troy Price
2010 Police Survival and Defense with Carl D. Wilcox PHD and others
2011 Police Survival and Defense with Grand Master Rick Moneymaker
2014 train with reserve police officers

Ranks & Certifications:

  • 4th Degree Black Belt Torite Jutsu
  • Certified Instructor Torite Jutsu
  • 6th. Degree Black Belt in Isshin-Ryu Karate
  • Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan
  • Combatix Defensive Tactics Specialist- Level 1 Brown Belt