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Grandmaster Michael Ciraco

Grandmaster Michael Ciraco

Sensei Ciraco has developed a specialized program for children 4 to 6 years of age. He teaches “Bully Busters and Stranger Danger” along with basic skills to help the children mainstream into the traditional program. Sequential memory, balance, focus, courtesy and respect are the main goals of this program.

Sensei Ciraco’s varied program and range of knowledge teaches material from a few different styles of Okinawan karate. Goju-ryu Shorei-kan, Matsurmura Shorin-Ryu, and Hakutsuru White Crane. Through this structured program students are taught to channel aggression and to focus their energy along with learning important life skills. Children with learning disabilities concentrate better and drills that enhance their performance help to replace shyness with assertiveness. All of this helps to make positive attitudes that show up at school and at home.

Sensei Ciraco has dedicated himself to help preserve the ancient arts of Okinawa. He teaches and trains full time.

Ranks & Certifications:

  • 8th Dan Okinawan Kempo Dragon Society International
  • 7th Dan Okinawan Konanryu Kohokan Kyokai Organization
  • 5th Dan in Torite Jutsu Dragon Society International
  • Certified Instructor in Torite Jutsu Dragon Society International
  • 3rd Dan in Yamanni Ryu Kubodo
  • 2nd Dan in Shorei Kan Goju-ryu

Awards & Recognition:

  • Michael Ciraco was awarded an 8th Dan in Okinawan Kempo and a fully certified international instructor by the Dragon Society International 2014
  • He was awarded the rank of 7th Dan and title of Kyoshi by the Okinwan Konankyu Kohokan on January 1st 2009.
  • Michael Ciraco is a Master Teacher (4th Dan) for the Dragon Society International.(December 2011)
  • He was awarded a Shihan grade teachers license by the Universal Martial Arts Association in April 2011.
  • Shihan Ciraco is also a 3rd Dan in Yamane Ryu Kobudo.
  • Shihan Ciraco trained with Kyoshi Chuck Chandler for 12 years learning many White Crane karate katas and Matsumura Seito Shorin-Ryu Karate.
  • He also holds the rank of 2nd Dan Shorei-Kan Goju-Ryu 1996
  • 2009 Inductee Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame.
  • Regional Instructor of the Year. His dojo has been the winner Best Martial Arts on the Grand Strand WMBF News many times.
  • 2009 Superior Leadership International Shurite Yudansha-Kai
  • 2008 Sensei of Merit International Shurite Yundansha-Kai
  • 2007 Professional Martial Artist Shurite Yundansha-Kai
  • 2005 Renshi grade teachers license Okinawan Konanryu Kohokan.
  • USANKF Official Referee and Judge, AAU Successful Coaching Principals 1999.
  • CPR and First Aid American Heart Association.
  • 1974 Ex Captain and Engineer Village of Mamaroneck Fire Department.
  • Shihan Ciraco is a retired engineer of the Murrells Inlet Garden City Fire Department.
  • Shihan Ciraco has been teaching on the Grand Strand since
  • 1992 and began his martial arts career in 1986. He and his black belts continue to teach stranger danger and bully buster programs for the Horry County School System Shihan Ciraco has produced many high caliber Black Belt instructors who help to teach classes under his direct supervision.
  • Shihan Ciraco and his students have won more than 25 National and World Championships in numerous traditional karate tournaments.

Ciraco’s Dojo is a member of the USA/NKF. His students have also competed in the AAU and the World Okinawan Championships. The competitors have been extremely successful winning over 20 National and World Titles.