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Grandmaster Cole Ricks

Grandmaster Cole Ricks

Ranks & Certifications:

Korean Martial Arts:

  • Taekwondo- Fifth (5th) Degree Black Belt, Korea Taekwondo Moo Duk Kwan and Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Federation Headquarters. Awarded October 1999. (1st Dan awarded 1981)
  • Hapkido-Second (2nd) Degree Black Belt, United States Korean Martial Arts Federation under Grandmaster J.R. West. Awarded August 1997.
  • Additional experience in Hanmudo (a Hapkido/Kuk Sool Won hybrid under Doju He-Young Kimm) and Hapkido under Doju Ji Han Jae (seminar basis, no formal rank issued)

Japanese/Okinawan Martial Arts:

  • Judo/Jujitsu- Sixth (6th) Degree Black Belt, United States Martial Arts Association under O-Sensei Phil Porter (deceased). Awarded June 2010.
  • Torite-Jitsu- Fourth (4th) Degree Black Belt and Certified Instructor, Dragon Society International under Grandmasters Tom Muncy and Rick Moneymaker. Awarded November 2007.
  • Shuri-Te Jujitsu- First (1st) Degree Black Belt Shuri-Te Bujitsu Kai under Kyoshi Troy Price. Awarded April 2011.
  • Additional experience in Small Circle Jujitsu under Professor Wally Jay and Kyusho-Jitsu/Tuite under Grandmaster George Dillman (seminar basis, no formal rank issued).

Filipino Martial Arts:

  • Kali- Certified Instructor Level 3, Filipino Combat Systems (FCS) under Tuhon Ray Dionaldo. Current Atlanta area representative for FCS.
  • Modern Arnis- Apprentice Instructor Certificate awarded by Professor Remy Presas August 1995
  • Additional experience in Kali and JKD under Mr. Ron Balicki (seminar basis, no formal rank issued)
  • Additional informal training in Knife Tactics with persons wishing to remain private (details available upon request and permission from my teacher).

Awards & Recognition:

  • Former Martial Arts Instructor at Georgia State University
  • Former Martial Arts Instructor (assistant) Georgia National Guard
  • Bagua and Hsing-I under Allen Pittman (not currently active)
  • Master Instructor of the Year-World Martial Arts Hall of Fame-2000
  • Master Instructor of the Year-USMA Hall of Fame-2000