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Dr. Donald Fowler

Dr. Donald Fowler

My interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine goes back to 1988 when I was a member of the President Eisenhower’s People to People Delegation to the Peoples Republic of China.

Throughout my career as a general and vascular surgeon in Staunton I was often thought of as a maverick due to my interest in Eastern Medical Practice.

But it wasn’t until cancer ended my surgical career and I became Chief Medical Officer that I had the time to introduce and stimulate interest in our need for a Complementary Medicine Service at Augusta Health.

I felt such a service should include Acupuncture, classes in many aspects of Qigong, Tai Chi and Yoga and a Martial Arts Program which had pressure points as the foundation of its form.

One of the applicants I interviewed was Tom Muncy, who ran a martial arts program in Waynesboro and who, along with Rick Moneymaker, had founded The Dragon Society International and the To-Ri Karate Institute.

At conclusion of the interview I only had one question to ask Tom … “Would you be willing to take on a 65 year old student into your martial arts program?” He said absolutely and I hired him on the spot.

At that time we were finishing construction of a new addition to our Fitness Center and I made certain that we incorporated into it, a state of the art Dojo for Tom to work out of.

I have been practicing Karate for the past 15 years and have enjoyed the unparalleled experience of having Grand Master Muncy as my instructor. It is like a dream come true, being able to attend a 2 hour Grand Master Muncy Seminar twice a week.